Quiet Crusher®

Product SKU: 12655

  • Crush medication to a fine powder without all the noise!
  • No tap, tap, tapping of the handle like other heavy duty tablet crushers.
  • Crusher uses a rolling action which is quiet and crushes in an even pattern which eliminates lumps of uncrushed medication.
  • Ideal for late night and early morning shifts when patients are sleeping.
  • Minimal effort is required to crush tablets, which reduces stress-related injuries to hands and wrists.
  • Outer covering provides safety and keeps the machine cleaner with less opportunity to jam.
  • Tablets are crushed in durable latex-free polyethylene (7mil) bags that hold tablets in place during crushing and help prevent cross-contamination. Bags will hold and crush up to 5 tablets (depending on the size of the tablet).
  • Crusher Bags have curved bottoms – powder will not get stuck in corners.
  • The white dispensing box holds 100 pouches and can be stored in the built-in holder on the back of the crusher which keeps bags readily available and saves counter space.
  • The perforated box top is removed and the bags are ready to use.
  • Constructed of metal-filled polycarbonate material designed to make the crusher lightweight yet durable.
  • Other colours are available. Contact our Customer Service Department for more information.
  • Outside Dimensions: 12″L x 3-3/4″W x 3-5/8″H
    (305mm x 95mm x 92mm)
  • Patent #D502,267
    Patent #7,407,124 B1

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