Phlebotomy Tray with Two Inserts

Product SKU: 17465

  • Features a set of two economical, disposable, compartmentalized inserts specifically designed for blood
  • Tray comes with its own 16mm test tube rack and two
    disposable polystyrene inserts (pack of 4-#17466).
  • Bonus storage built in! Lower compartmentalized pull-out
    drawer includes handy space for small supplies.
  • Tray is blue, inserts are white.
  • Easy to organize supplies such as prep pads, needle holders,
    lancets, etc. for quick retrieval.
  • Lightweight and roomy allows a large quantity of supplies
    to be carried at once. Helps reduce trips to supply areas.
  • Easy to clean. Wash as needed and replace the insert periodically for a fresh start.
  • Ratcheting handle with soft rubber grip rotates out of the way for easy access.
  • Sturdy plastic frame.
  • Outside Dimensions: 16-7/8″W x 5-7/8″H x 9-1/4″D
  • Height including handle: 11-1/4″

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