Personal Belongings Tray Valet with Lid

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  • Long Term Care organizations understand the challenges of keeping track of patients’ hearing aids, eyeglasses, and dentures. In the busy caregiving setting these necessary and expensive aids are often lost, misplaced, broken, or worse yet, left unused.
  • Patented specially designed storage tray eliminates the inconvenience and expense that results when patient hearing aids, eyeglasses, and dentures are accidentally discarded or misplaced.
  • Gone are the days when valuable aids are discarded with food leftovers, lost in bed linen, damaged in the laundry, misplaced in patient clothing, left unused in bedside cabinets, and more.

    Time and Cost Savings

  • Aids are either in use or on the tray! No searching for missing aids because now they are always visible and accessible on the tray.
  • Time is saved from having to arrange for hearing aids, eyeglasses, and denture replacement. Eliminates costly travel arrangements to and from the dentist, optometrist, and audiologist.
  • Staff/family don’t have to take time to accompany the patient to appointments or for the facility to arrange patient coverage for staff absence.

    Patient Satisfaction

  • Patients can easily locate their needed aids.
  • Patients do not have to wait for care while staff searches for aids.
  • Patients are spared the discomfort of having to break in and become accustomed to new aids.
  • Aids are kept safe and in good condition.

    Family and Staff Satisfaction

  • Eliminates family/staff concern over use, location and security of aids.
  • Increases family confidence in the facility’s ability to provide responsible care.
  • Improves staff satisfaction that they are providing complete patient care in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Decreases staff frustration as aids for all patients are in a consistent accessible place.
  • Missing aids are noted immediately and a timely search conducted.

    Falls/Regulation Compliance

  • Visual and auditory deficits are significant markers in identifying patients at risk for falls. Patients can easily locate and use their aids before leaving their beds.
  • Show JCAHO and governing bodies how well you care for patient aids.
  • Resident Assessment Protocols (RAP’s) on the Minimum Data Set ask: Are lens of glasses clean and free of scratches? Were glasses recently lost? Were they being recently used and now are they missing?


  • Compartments are molded to conform to the shape and size of hearing aids, eye glasses, and denture cups. A denture cup is included for convenience.
  • Features two separate compartments identified by a molded L and molded R to separate left and right hearing aids. This will help eliminate placing the right into the left and vice versa as well as help identify if a hearing aid is missing.
  • Tray is molded with names of the respective compartments to assist visually impaired patients in locating their correct aid (Hearing Aids, EyeGlasses or Dentures).
  • Name and Room are molded into the tray so the facility can write-in information.
  • Compact size easily fits on bedside and over-the-bed tables, leaving ample room for other supplies.
  • Tray is made of dishwasher safe White polystyrene plastic
  • Available with or without a lid. The lid protects tray items when transporting patients between departments or new room assignments.
  • When lids are used trays can be stacked for efficient storage.
  • Non-skid bottom prevents sliding.
  • Choose Regular or Compact from the drop down list

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