Patient Room Cabinet With Keypad Lock

Product SKU: 3784

  • An affordable way to provide keyless, lockable storage for patient medications and valuables inside patient rooms.
  • Digital keypad lock provides password entry only and eliminates misplaced and stolen keys.
  • Two steel locking bolts for added security.
  • One access code! Program with a single access code at a time with numerous possible code combinations (You can’t have multiple codes for multiple users).
  • It is important to read the instructions prior to programming the cabinet. Easy to program and change your access combination in seconds! Access code can be up to 12 digits.
  • To open: Press the “*” then enter your access code and press the “#” key. Turn the knob on the door clockwise and open the door.
  • After entering the access code, if the door knob is not turned to open within five seconds the cabinet will automatically revert to the locked position.
  • Manual override key function! With the keys supplied, the cabinet can be opened in the event of battery failure. Keys should be kept in a secure location accessible by supervisory personnel only.
  • Backlit keypad with optional keypad beep. Beep can be disabled.
  • Removable inside shelf.
  • Four AA batteries are included to operate the keypad. Batteries are located on the back of the door and can be easily accessed by sliding the battery cover plate.
  • Pre-drilled holes in the back for wall mounting. Mounting bolts are included.
  • 30 lb.
  • Overall Dimensions: 13-3/4″W x 9-7/8″H x 9-7/8″D (349mm x 251mm x 251mm)

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