Over The Door Lock Box

Product SKU: 3737

  • The Over the Door Lock Box is a convenient way to
    secure lab specimens and samples waiting for pickup by a courier
    service, nurse, or technician.
  • This white metal box has a key lock with two
    keys.  A long metal strap attaches to the back of the box to
    hang it over the top of a door.  Bolts, washers, and nuts are
    included to attach the strap to the box.
  • The inside of the box is lined with 1/4″ (6mm) thick foam to protect specimens while opening and closing the
  • HCL can make labels and magnets for your box to
    identify special contents or instructions. The Over the Door Lock
    Box can be printed with your name or logo. 
  • Outside Overall Box Dimensions:
    14″W x 10-1/2″H x 7″D
    (356mm x 267mm x 178mm)
  • Inside Dimensions:
    13-1/2″W 10″H x 6-5/8D
    (343mm x 254mm x 168mm)
  • Strap Dimensions:
    20-1/2″H x 2″W hanger (521mm x 51mm)
  • Fits doors 2″ thick and smaller.

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