Narcotic Dispenser Lid, Clear

Product SKU: 7125C

  • Available 200 per package.
  • Clear Narcotic Dispenser Lids fit HCL Narcotic Dispensers.
  • The narcotic dispenser provides accurate counting and dispensing of controlled substances.
  • Amber or Clear lids meet federal specifications for tight-fit and have numbers molded onto each snap-off tab.
  • Most tablet and capsules easily contrast with the colors of the dispenser trays.
  • Can accommodate many sizes of tablets or capsules – each dispenser has 30 medication compartments.
  • Narrow, Regular, and Deep trays are available. Narrow trays are specifically designed to fit into the drawers of the Pyxis® System 2000.
  • Money saving – Dispenser trays are reusable! Just purchase replacement lids.
  • Loader Kit is available to help save time and money. It eliminates filling compartments one at a time. Five trays are included. Each tray has a different compartment size.
  • Refer to your state regulations for proper storage of controlled substances.
  • Outside Dimensions: 5-3/8″L X 2-3/4″W X 3/16″D
    Individual Tabs: 15/16″W X 2-1/8″L

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