Modular Cassette for Supply Drawers

Product SKU: 18241

  • Easily organize Supply Drawers and keep items together in a common location.
  • Cassettes are specially designed to be stacked or wall mounted. Units can be stacked up to create a neat, space-efficient storage station for small supplies.
  • Drawers fit snugly on each shelf to keep the open top on each drawer protected from dust and debris.
  • When extended, drawers hang securely in place from shelves by a sturdy back stop tab.
  • The following drawer configurations are possible: (9) #18231 drawers; (6) 18232 drawers; or (6) 18231 and (2) 18232 drawers (sold separately).
  • Durable Beige powder-coated finish.
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • Includes 2 brackets for mounting to a hanging bin rail or cart.
  • 60 lb. weight capacity.
  • Overall Dimensions: 18″W x 16-1⁄2″H x 11″D (457mm x 419mm x 279mm)

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