Mini Surgical Mat™

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  • Disposable mat offers exceptional comfort, enhanced OR safety and channeled fluid displacement!
  • Patented, easy-to-use surgical mats address three major operating room issues: surgical comfort, fluid buildup and OR safety.
  • Surgical Mat and Mini Mat incorporates a revolutionary engineering process that consists of non-slip molded foam with tapered fluid channels.
  • Channels aid to keep the surgical team’s feet dry and reduce the risk of tracking body fluids throughout the surgical suite.
  • Elasticity and cushioning provide exceptional comfort during prolonged, strenuous surgeries, mitigating foot, leg and back pain, which can hamper productivity and focus.
  • One-time use.
  • No cleaning, no mess.
  • Anti-microbial, anti-static and latex-free mats are designed and tested by world-class surgeons, OR nurses and technicians.
  • Ideal for the following surgeries: arthroscopy, laparoscopy, spine surgery, total joint replacement and revision procedures, neurosurgery and craniotomy, urologic procedures, labor and deliver and C-sections, cardiothoracic surgery, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and oral maxillofacial procedures.
  • Mat adheres to OR floor, stool or other surface with sticky tape strip and it removes easily after use.
  • Mats are Light Blue.
  • Sold individually.
  • Dimensions: 17″L x 13″W (432mm x 330mm)

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