Medical Storage Cabinet, Large

Product SKU: 3708

  • The Medical Storage Cabinet is a single locking supply cabinet with clear acrylic windows for visually inspecting meds and supplies without opening the doors.
  • The cabinet has two doors with a handle on each door.  Both doors open to allow full access to the cabinet while gathering supplies or restocking.
  • The cabinet has a cam lock below the handle on the right door. Two keys are included.
  • The cabinet has one fixed and one adjustable shelf.  The adjustable shelf can be moved up or down to rest on any of the built-in clips in the sides of the cabinets.  This allows different sizes and quantities of supplies to be stored.
  • The Medical Storage Cabinet is heavy duty steel with a scratch resistant beige enamel finish.  The steel is easy to clean with a damp cloth or cleansing wipes.
  • The Medical Storage Cabinet has two holes for mounting to the wall to save counter space and view supplies at eye level.
  • The cabinet is available in two sizes Large and Small.
  • Large Cabinet Overall Outside Dimensions:
    30″W x 30″H x 12″D
    (762mm x 762mm x 305mm)
  • Inside Dimensions Below the Bottom Fixed Shelf:
    29-3/4″W x 9″H x 10-3/4″D
    (756mm x 229mm x 273mm)
  • Inside Dimensions Above the Bottom Fixed Shelf with the Adjustable Top Shelf Removed:
    29-3/4″W x 20″H x 10-3/4″D
    (756mm x 508mm x 273mm)
  • This cabinet will ship Truck!

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