Lock-To-Pole IV Lock Box with Key Lock

Product SKU: 17938

  • A double dose of security! Not only does this unique lock box secure your controlled substance infusions from tampering and diversion, the box with the bag inside locks to the pole to prevent the entire box from being stolen.
  • Improved Design! Dual clamps secure the box to the pole and the door shuts over the pole to lock the box to the pole.
  • Made of Clear PETG material which provides durability for everyday use.
  • Choose from standard key option or keyless digital lock (#17958).
  • Models with key locks are keyed alike. Contact our Customer Service Department for different keying options.
  • Model with Keyless Entry Digital Lock uses a four-digit code and offers immediate access control. It features three levels of user access (no audit trail).
  • Accommodates IV bag sizes up to 1,000mL. For users of 1,000mL IV bags, ports will be outside the box.
  • Locks to pole sizes up to 22mm Dia.
  • Dimensions: 191mm x 267mm x 114mm

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