Keep Safe Bag 160 x 260mm – Pack of 100

Product SKU: 160 x 260mm pack of 100

KeepSafe tamper-evident security bags are known worldwide as the premier, established brand in the loss prevention industry. KeepSafe product technology provides security solutions for many applications in retail, financial, and gaming. Ampac expertise in coextruded films gives KeepSafe products the advantage of lighter and stronger plastic materials, contributing to the sustainability of the product while reducing freight costs.


The easy use enclosure provides a high degree of security against; mechanical, freeze, heat, solvent and moisture methods of attack.

Once closed, unauthorised attempts to open the bag will cause the closure to void in a variety of ways depending on the type of attack that the bag seal has been attacked.


all 3 sizes of bags are available in both clear and opaque material.

Note: each bag features a unique identification code (shown in both numerical and barcode format), which is duplicated on the tear off receipt that can be retained for your records.


…and an external write on the panel (use a pen or pencil – Tip: it’s easier to write on the panel while it’s flat, i.e. before you put something bulky into the bag)



Simply place the item to be protected into the bag, remove the backing paper from the security seal strip and fold the sealing strip over to seal the bag. Then tear off the receipt element…



Once the bag is sealed, any attempt to break the seal to access the contents of the bag will result in various indicators on the sealing strip which indicate not only that the bag has been tampered with, but also the method of attempted access;


Attempts to tamper with the bag will result in a VOID message appearing.

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