Kango Koncept Chair

Product SKU: 8149

  • Ergonomic design eliminates fatigue and discomfort for better posture and improved productivity.
  • Scientifically proven to improve comfort and prevent back problems. Black polyurethane short seat design is tilted 10º forward, split into two parts and housed on silent blocks that form a triangle. This design helps rebalance the body naturally and improves blood flow in the legs. The orientation of the seat also facilitates upright posture and minimizes spinal stress.
  • Unlike standard seat backs, the lumbar support helps find perfect posture immediately.
  • Chair has a Black steel, five-leg, scuff-resistant, reinforced base with heavy-duty nylon casters.
  • Gas-lift column with shock absorber adjusts from 20-1/16”H to 25-3/8”H. Seat height adjustment is the only manual adjustment; all other adjustments are intuitive.
  • Soft polyurethane seat with easy-to-clean material resists sparks, sharp tools, chemicals and weak acids. Also inhibits moisture absorption.

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