Product SKU: 8420

  • Provides
    comfort and relief when performing jobs that require long periods of
    standing and leaning.
  • Ideal for use at computer terminals or cash registers, workstations, lab benches, monitoring stations, and many more areas where standing is required.
  • The tubular cushioned seat keeps the legs stretched. It adapts to the user’s body shape, allowing continuous blood flow without affecting leg circulation.
  • Keeps the back straight and in an ergonomical position!
  • Allows the user to work standing up with legs stretched out and 2/3 of the body
    weight resting on the seat leaving only 1/3 of the body weight to be adsorbed by the feet.
  • The U-shaped base will not hinder the
    user’s movements.
  • The seat column is pneumatic for
    almost effortless seat adjustment.

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