IV Therapy Tray Set

Product SKU: 5210

  • Ideal for carrying IV supplies: IV starter kits,
    catheters, syringes, needles, gloves, swabs, prep pads, tape,
    bandaids, and tourniquets.
  • Set includes 1 tray, 5 large storage cups, and 4
    small storage cups.
  • Made of heavy duty white plastic, which
    will not crack or shatter. Easy to clean, seamless
  • Tray will hold one Syringe Rack and One Large Bin Cup or 5 Large Bin Cups fit exactly
    in one side).
  • Outside Dmensions: 14-13/16″W x 4-7/16″H x 13-3/4″D
  • Height including handle: 10-1/4″

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