IV Pole Line/Cord Controller, 1 Inch

Product SKU: 18769

  • Controllers neatly store cords and cables closer to the patient and prevent trip hazards that result from tangled cords near IV poles or on the ground.
  • White polystyrene cord controller with Blue silicone tubing easily attaches any corded control device to an IV pole or bed rail with a grip as strong as a vice.
  • Controller opening is 1″ and works well as a suction tubing holster by attaching on guard rail. Also available with 1-1/2″ (#18768) opening, which keeps IV tubing untangled, and 2″ (#18767) opening, which is ideal for general cable and cord control including BP cords, O2 saturation cords and EKG wires.
  • Cords can be inserted and released quickly and easily. To use, wrap tubing around pole or rail and attach to controller. Wrap cord around hand for large cord or 2-3 fingers for smaller wires, then slip off hand and slide through controller holes. Controller will hold cord in place until easy release by pulling the cord out.
  • Five per package.

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