HCL Tablet Counter, Right Handed

Product SKU: 7147

  • Why should one counter be used for right and left-handers? We offer two separate high quality counters designed specifically for right and left-handed users!
  • Essential tool for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to count and dispense from stock bottles to dispensing vials without touching hands.
  • Includes counting spatula with ergonomical grip for easy handling.
  • Never misplace your spatula! Tray features a docking slot that stores the spatula with the tray.
  • The hinged lid covering the dispensing chute latches when closed to prevent accidental opening while filling vials.
  • Counter bottoms are designed to provide stability during use.
  • Deep blue color allows pills and powder traces to contrast with tray.
  • Great promotional give away! Counters are available blank for private labeling. Contact our Customer Service Department for options and pricing.
  • Packaged individually in a white paperboard box.
  • The tray is made of ABS plastic and the clear lid covering the chute is made of polycarbonate plastic.
  • Outside Dimensions: 7-3/4″L x 6-1/8″W x 1-3/8″H
    (197mm x 156mm x 10mm)

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