Friendly and Safe Vial with Child Resistant Cap Attached (9 Dram – 60 Dram)

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  • Available 100 per package.
  • See-through Amber vials and caps provide visibility of contents from the top, sides and bottom.
  • Caps and Vials can be made tamper evident with tamper resistant tape.
  • Vials and Caps pass USP 671 Moisture Permeation tests.
  • The Friendly & Safe Vials pass both child resistant and senior friendly protocol tests.
  • The choice is yours! Order vials and caps separately or with the caps already attached to each vial.


Product CodeSize
5725329 dram
57263313 dram
57273316 dram
57283420 dram
57293530 dram
57303540 dram

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