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The DIN 3060 rack is designed to work with sterile containers and fits into narrow spaces and can store smaller packs of surgical instruments.

Each DIN 3060 comes with 4 frames per pack and 12 lateral supports. The racking is available with feet or wheels if you require it to be mobile. The DIN 3060 can be used with No Touch accessories that keep surgical instruments sterile from prep and pack to storage as it requires no human contact with the package itself. Accessories feature inbuilt handles to avoid contact during transportation and a non-slip mat can be used to avoid movement of the package. This greatly reduces the risk of packages ripping and no longer being sterile.

Get the DIN 3060 as a single frame or with add-ons that attach to build up your storage space.


Height (cm)Depth (cm)Width (cm)


  • Stainless steel wire shelf 29.6 x 60cm – SSS-3060WH
  • Non-slip mesh silicone mesh mat 42 x 25cm – SIMAT-250X420
  • Non-slip mesh silicone mesh mat 25 X 25.5cm – SIMAT-250X255

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