Compact Easy Mount Deluxe Refrigerator Box with Keyless Entry Digital Lock

Product SKU: 17844

  • Impeccable design! Durable PETG construction means boxes are tougher than acrylic and have superior impact qualities for years of everyday use.
  • Built in security! Keyless entry digital lock delivers outstanding security and access control for contents.
  • Users enter a four-digit code to access contents. No more lost keys or complicated padlocks to wrestle with! Code can be changed as needed.
  • Improved clarity for better viewing of contents.
  • Easy-mount system – no tools required for assembly inside refrigerator.
  • Double-sided tape included for mounting to glass shelves.
  • Flat attachment! Because there are no obtrusive mounting fixtures, the boxes take virtually no space away from the shelf above.
  • Dividers, tray and covers sold separately.
  • Overall Dimensions:
    8-1/8″W x 3-1/2 “H x 4-13/16 “D
    (206mm x 89mm x 122mm)

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