Coloured Zip-it Bags (Various Sizes)

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  • Available 100 per package.
  • Convenient bags for storing and transporting supplies.
  • Use a colour-coded bag system to keep supplies organised and easily identifiable.
  • Single-track zipper.
  • 2-mil thick.
  • Available in five colours: Black, Blue, Red, White and Yellow. Specify colour when ordering.


Product CodeSize
17902B101mm x 152mm
17902101mm x 177mm
17902R101mm x 203mm
17902W101mm x 228mm
17902Y101mm x 254mm
17903B152mm x 228mm
17903K152mm x 254mm
17903R152mm x 279mm
17903W152mm x 304mm
17903Y152mm x 330mm

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