Basic Chemo Spill Kit

Product SKU: 9961-01

Kit includes:

  • Packaged in a large zip-it bag and can be kept readily available on a shelf or in a pharmacy or clinic.
  • All items in the Basic Chemo Spill Kit are intended for one-time use.
    • One fluid impervious gown
    • One pair of chemo nitrile gloves
    • One impermeable mask with safety shield
    • One Chemo Bio-Wipe Bagâ„¢ with a built-in interior mitt. The outside is made of absorbent material to wipe up spills. The bag is used while wearing gloves.
    • Three absorbent towelettes for use after the Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag to absorb any remaining waste.
    • One hard surface disinfectant wipes to decontaminate the spill area.
    • One chemo waste bag with a twist tie to place all protective wear and waste supplies in and dispose of in accordance with guidelines.
    • One antimicrobial hand towelette.
    • One set of bilingual instruction.

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