Deep Crash Cart Box

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  • The boxes are available 2″H (51mm) and 4-3/4″H (121mm) to fit the two drawer sizes of the Herman MillerĀ® crash cart.
  • The boxes save time when they are prefilled and used as exchange boxes instead of delivering fully stocked carts or restocking carts by demand.  Each time a code is called the box is used and the health care worker exchanges an open box for a new box.
  • Crash Cart Boxes provide organized storage for medications, IV accessories, airway supplies, and anesthesia supplies in the drawers of the crash cart.
  • These boxes are available with or without a clear lift-off lid or slide-in lids are available in clear or amber.  The clear acrylic allows the contents to be viewed without opening the lids and the amber protects light sensitive supplies.
  • Outside Box Dimensions:
    18-3/4″W x 13-1/4″D x 4-3/4″H
    (476mm x 337mm x 221mm)

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