Welded Wall Panel

Product SKU: 1746-01

  • The steel panels are strong, tough and built to handle heavy loads.
  • Continuous horizontal channels vertically spaced every 1″ (25mm).
  • They won’t warp or tear-out like many systems.
  • The shelving has a unique horizontal channel design. The channels are 1″ (25mm) on center allowing you to hang the display shelves in a variety of positions, providing greater adjustability than conventional shelving.
  • The welded wall panel may be directly mounted to a wall by using a set of top and bottom retainers (The Display Shelf, retainers and bins are sold separately). The welded wall panel fits under the lips of the retainers.
  • The retainers are cut the width of the panel and are furnished without holes making installation simple and fast, no trying to line up pre-existing holes.
  • Panel Dimensions: 
    24″W x 12″H (610mm x 305mm)

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