U Type Racking System

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U Type Racking System

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The U Type rack provides the most storage within the Hygieia Racking range with the ability to hold multiple baskets that are 40cm wide and 60cm deep. Choose from plastic slides or heavyweight telescopic sliders for loads over 10kg. This rack has been designed to HTM71 standards and allows you to keep track of medical supplies with a labelling system to clearly indicate if a shelf or basket has been removed. This rack is made using powder-coated aluminium to prevent rusting and it can be decontaminated with cleaning liquids.

This racking works with No Touch accessories that allow surgical instruments to pass from decontamination to storage without any direct human handling to avoid tears in wrapped packs so they can remain sterile.

The U Type racking can be used in conjunction with E Type racking to create a storage system that meets your precise needs.


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