Standard 100% Cotton Cheesecloth Wipes

Product SKU: 17260

  • Certified 100% pure cotton wipes provide the cleanliness and softness required for cleaning optical grade surfaces.
  • Absorbent! Absorb six times their own weight of both solvents and aqueous solutions.
  • Never scratch surfaces or fall apart like paper towels.
  • Use to wipe cuvets and microscopes, clean imaging equipment lenses, dry delicate glassware, syringes, pipettes, and pH electrodes.
  • Excellent filtering material! Because they are resistant to even harsh solvents, they are ideal as a filtering material. Wipes meet cleanliness specifications of USP and Federal Specification CCC-G 101c.
  • Grade 10 mesh size, White
  • Convenient dispenser box! Individually dispensed wipes eliminate cutting and lint or dust associated with handling other types of wipes or towels.
  • Two sizes are available. Mini (#17259): 4″ square pad (8-ply) unfolds to approximately 7″ x 14″, 200/box
    Standard: 9″ square pad (8-ply) unfolds to approximately 18″ x 36″, 60/box

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