Seven Day Pill Organiser

Product SKU: 6405

  • Organiser consists of seven daily individual pill holders to organise medications and vitamins by day of week and time of day; helping users adhere to their medication regimen.
  • The top of the tray is printed with the days of the week from left to right, starting with Sunday.
  • Each holder has four separate compartments labelled for the morning, noon, evening, and bedtime medications.
  • All seven pill holders can be kept in the tray as a weekly organiser, or they can be removed to allow patients to take medication with them during travel.
  • Braille markings on each compartment lid assist the visually-impaired.
  • Each flip-top lid has an arrow pointing to the opening clasp; allowing quick medication retrieval.
  • Semi-clear plastic compartments provide easy viewing of medication.
  • Finger holes in the bottom of the tray aid in the removal of the daily pill holders.  Simply push the pill holder from the back and lift.
  • Overall Outside Dimensions: 5-7/8″L x 9-3/8″W x 1-1/8″H (238mm x 149mm x 29mm)
  • Individual Holder Dimensions: 5-3/16″L x 1-5/16″W x 1″H (132mm x 33mm x 25mm)
  • Individual Compartment-Inside Dimensions 1-3/16″L x 1-1/16″W x 7/8″D (30mm x 27mm x 22mm)

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