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Procedure Trolley

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The Avalo Series Procedure Trolley is one of our most adaptable. With all the essential elements of a medical trolley, it can be built up with combinations of accessories options. These elements help to make it suitable for a specific department’s needs.

Offering a wide selection of organisation accessories, huge capacity, and a choice of models in 4-drawer, 5-drawer, or custom configurations. The adaptable set-up of the Avalo Series Procedure Cart makes it perfect for a host of healthcare applications including trauma, airway, dressing, cast, or general supply cart. To ensure security, we give you a choice of (3) different lock systems including an advanced keyless entry with auto-relock.

Breakaway lock – ideal if the trolley is intended for emergency use, keyless lock – keeps items protected and gives authorised members of staff instant access with a 4-digit code or the key lock – for advanced security.



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