Personal Belongings Durable Unit

Product SKU: 17685A

  • Help protect patients’ personal belongings and prevent loss and damage to their dentures, hearing aids and glasses!
  • Ideal for use in Long Term/Personal Care Facilities, Hospitals and Rehabilitation Units.
  • Convenient and highly visible, the units allow easy access to personal items by staff, family members, resident and patients.
  • Two, durable and disposable, unique styles allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs.
  • Makes a convenient admission packet item for patients’ toothpaste, combs and hand soap.
  • Provides a consistent location for patient aids while bathing, bedtime or any other time when aids are not in use. Eliminates confusion and seemingly endless searches for misplaced aids and the problems that can follow.
  • When used properly, Personal Belonging Units greatly reduce the cost of Replacing items due to loss or damage.
  • Nursing homes can avoid the risk for citations from the Department of Health by properly storing patients’ personal belongings in these disposable units.
  • Easy identification! Patient name can be written on either unit with a permanent marker.
  • Provides staff accountability for the daily inventory of personal belongings.
  • Protection is a number one priority! Lids provide a solid closure so they do not come open and cause harm to contents if the unit is dropped.
  • Stackable! Designed to be stacked on top of each other if kept at a nurse’s station.
  • Boost patient/resident confidence in knowing their personal belongings are protected and easily accessible.
  • Certified safe construction!
  • Designed with the long-term care facility setting in mind.
  • Partially hinged lid makes it easy for patients to open and close.
  • Equipped with a front slot for residents’ ID card.
  • Average life span is 18 to 24 months with constant use in a nursing home setting.
  • Features molded-in hook to attach to patient’s bed or drawer side.
  • Made of thicker .035″ (.889mm) plastic.
  • Molded with “PBC” on lid
  • Made from a polypropylene and a co-polymer, latex-free plastic. OSHA considers these materials non-toxic.
  • Can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. Construction material is capable of maintaining a uniform shape to 300

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