Patient Notes Trolley – 1000 Series

Product SKU: DM3962 / DM3959 / DM3960 / DM3961

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The 1000 series is double width notes trolley and is designed for the wards where space isn’t a problem. The trolley has also been designed for when patient rounds can be vast. Available in 4 different base models to meet your exact storage needs.
If choosing a trolley with a lock a keyless digilock option is available providing a much more efficient option than standard key locks.
Choose your coloured frame: green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue and white.
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CodeDimensions (WxDxH)LockLidLower Storage Tray
DM39621200 x 480 x 920yesyesyes
DM39591200 x 480 x 920nonono
DM39601200 x 480 x 920yesyesno
DM39611200 x 480 x 920nonoyes

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