Paralytic Id Shrink Band

Product SKU: 16063

Using #12136 Heat Gun to Shrink Bands

  • Available 250 per package.
  • Cost effective solution to improve paralytic medication safety and prevent fatal errors!
  • As a top risk in hospitals and surgery centres, paralytics are often required to have additional auxiliary labelling, be bagged and labelled, or placed in security boxes. This band essentially puts each vial in its own security container, allowing for a standardised approach to improving the safety of paralytics throughout your facility.
  • Encloses 10 ml high alert, high risk medication vials, forcing the user to remove a band cover (“safety step”) during administration.
  • Visual alert! Once the band is applied, the medication has a distinct look from traditional injectable medications.
  • Colour coded! Warm Red colouring band colour is associated with paralytics.
  • Clear panel allows easy viewing of the entire manufacturer’s label.
  • No adhesive means or mess.
  • Does not fall off of vial
  • Fits various 10 ml vial configurations.
  • Easy to apply! Slip the band over the vial (s) and use a portable heat tunnel or heat gun to shrink and seal the vial. Use #12136 Heat Gun to seal your Paralytic ID Shrink Bands. Sold Separately.
    • Slide the band over the vial.
    • Pinch the bottom of the band to form a closure.
    • Direct heat from gun to the top of band (s).
    • Once the top is sealed/shrinked, turn the vial over and direct heat to the bottom to shrink the band.
    • Your shrink band is in use.

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