Operating Room Cord Controller

Product SKU: 18770

  • L-shaped OR Cord Controller, with three 2″ cutouts, can be added to any existing anesthesia machine or nursing monitor to create a platform of cord control and keep medical device cords untangled. Base sits under monitors or other weighted device; front provides cutouts for cord control.
  • Angled Clear acrylic controller neatly organizes cords and cables for up to three devices and prevents trip hazards that result from tangled cords on the floor.
  • Simple, rugged design is superior to hooks or clamps that break easily with repeated use and leave the area unorganized.
  • Cords can be inserted and removed quickly and easily. To use, roll cord around one hand and then slide cord bundle off hand when finished. Squeeze bundle and slide into cutout. Pull cord back out for untangled use and roll back up to store.
  • Dimensions: Base: 6″, Front: 4″

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