Mop Handle for EasyCurve™ Mopping System, 60 Inch

Product SKU: 18280

  • The EasyCurve™ Disposable Mopping System is specifically designed to provide superior performance, ease of use and effectiveness in critical and controlled environments where USP <797> compliance has been mandated; such as cleanrooms in hospitals and compounding pharmacies.
  • Part of a complete mopping system, this 60″ (1,524mm) fixed-length stainless steel handle attaches to a pivoting mophead frame (sold separately, #18279). Use the frame’s unique system of latching tabs to secure a 14″ (356mm) disposable flat, fabric laminated pad (sold separately, #18277 and 18278). Together, the curved mop face and pivoting connector create effortless surface contact and outstanding maneuverability.
  • It installs over an autoclavable bucket (#18281, sold separately) to completely and easily remove liquid and contaminants from the mophead.
  • Completely autoclavable.
  • Compatible with most solutions and solvents.

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