Monitormark™ Product Exposure Indicator

Product SKU: 8201-01

  • 5 degree Celsius ( 41 degree Fahrenheit ) and above.
  • Maximum time of exposure is forty eight hours.
  • Use on a vast range of products which require refrigeration:  pharmaceuticals, vaccines, whole blood products, chemicals, x-ray film and food items.
  • MonitorMark Time/Temperature tags monitor temperature to assure temperature does not exceed an acceptable limit when transporting temperature sensitive items.  The MonitorMark tags also record exposure time to unacceptable temperatures whether brief or extended.
  • If items can tolerate limited exposure to elevated temperature, the read out on these tags will help to make a confident decision on whether to accept or reject the item.
  • When the maximum temperature of the tag is exceeded, a blue colour appears in the window farthest to the left.  It proceeds to the right as exposure continues.  When colour change occurs, it is irreversible.
  • MonitorMarks attach with an adhesive back to most clean, dry surfaces.
  • Price per indicator

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