Medication PalWOW

Product SKU: 5630

  • Functional, affordable and versatile best describes our new workstation on wheels. Ideal for facilities both large and small, this affordably priced workstation can be used as a computer workstation or as a computer workstation with patient medication transport/storage.
  • Easy maneuverability in and out of patient rooms and hallways and quiet operation make this cart perfectly suited for BPOC applications utilizing a laptop computer and handheld or tethered barcode scanners.
  • We are pleased to offer three options for the PalWOW. The choice is yours! Choose the Basic, Complete or Medication PalWOW. We’ve created complete packages to eliminate the guesswork and save you time.
  • Offers everything needed to transport medications, laptop and scanner into patient rooms for BPOC.
  • This combination includes the basic workstation, sharps hanger, glove box clip, utility basket, accessory block, sharps container, White glove box holder, cassette hanger, HCL#1343 Locking Cassette frame, (4) #1322 4-1/2″W Patient Bins, and (6) #1321 3″W Patient Bins.
  • Foot pedal height adjustment allows the workstation to be adjusted to the user’s height and comfort level.
  • Broad range height adjustment allows the workstation to be used while seated or standing.
  • Work top features an extendable worksurface for a mouse, writing, or preparation. The surface extends to the left or right for user preference.
  • A pre-drilled hole with plastic insert and cover is located at the rear of the work top to control cords and guide the optiional laptop cable lock.
  • Completely cleanable
  • Large casters provide silent running and easy maneuverablilty.
  • Compact enough to fit through doors and hallways.
  • Stainless steel accessory brackets
  • Easy assembly – no tools required
  • Lightweight
  • Compact shipping box reduces shipping costs.

    Quality Materials

  • Top MDF with thermoformed PVS top and side finish – melamine back
  • Extended worksurface – solid polypropylene with aluminum track
  • Column – foot actuated pneumatic cylinder with 10″ travel
  • Base – chrome plated metal
  • Casters – high performance with clear and chrome finish
  • Work Top Dimensions: 24″W x 24″D (610mm x 610mm)
  • Lowest Height: 32-1/2″ (826mm)
  • Tallest Height: 42-1/2″ (1080mm)
  • Base: 23″ (584mm)

    Optional Accessories to build a PalWOW your way!

  • Glove Box Holder – Mounts to accessory block utilizing the glove box clip.
  • Sharps Hanger – Mounts to accessory block.
  • Utility Basket – Mounts to accessory block.
  • Accessory Mounting Block – Mounts to the center column to hold the glove box clip, sharps container hanger, and utility basket.
  • Glove Box Clip – Used to attach a glove box holder to the accessory block.
  • Cassette Frame Hanger – Allows the #1343 Cassette to mount to the underside of the work top.
  • Waterloo Locking Cassette (#1343) – Two tier model holds #1321 3″W, #1322 4-1/2″W or #1323 6″W Patient Bins. Cassette does not include bins.
  • Laptop Cable Lock – The laptop cable lock provides visual and physical theft deterrence.
  • Press-to-lock feature allows locking without the use of a key.
  • 72″ rugged aircraft grade steel cable
  • 0.275″ (7mm) thick cable
  • Keyed differently; includes two keys

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