Laser Adhesive Closure Strip, Pre-Printed

Product SKU: 9835

  • Available 2,400 pre-printed strips per package in laser sheet format.
  • Laser sheet format allows individual strips to be printed or handwritten with patient name, drug name, strength, room, ordering physician, bar code, and more.
  • Designed for crusher bags used with the Quiet Crusher™ and Silent Knight™ tablet crushers.
  • Seals the open top of the crusher bag to keep meds enclosed and secure from spilling after they are crushed and until they are administered.
  • Use as a label or a seal – or both!
  • Medication safety! Don’t guess which crushed medication goes to a patient. Strips printed and placed over crusher bags clearly identify the patient and medication so that the right drug is given to the right patient.
  • Prepare patient medications in advance for multiple rounds. The closure strip will properly identify and seal each bag so it can be stored in a cart drawer or med tray until time of delivery.
  • Bag with printed strip can also be used as a delivery or dispensing method for medications that are not crushed.
  • Three Styles are available:
    *Available 2400 pre-printed strips per package in laser sheet format (#9835).
    *Available 2400 blank strips per package in laser sheet format for printing (#9836).
    *Available 1,000 per roll with a glossy surface that cannot be printed or written (#9834).
  • Pre-printed sheets include Name, Room, Med, Dose, Time, Remarks, and MD.
  • Blank laser closure strips can be printed using our #5117 Bar Code and Labeling Software. We’ve created and included a pre-defined template for the laser closure strip. No setup is needed, all you do is type information in the fields of the template.

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