A6 6L Tamper Evident Transport Bag

Product SKU: A66L


  • A6 sized packaging with tamper evident closure
  • Estimated usage – 2000 cycles
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly

The A6 modular has been designed to hold small scale items such as cash, keys and receipts. With a tamper evident closure, it deters unauthorised people from accessing the bag.

This bag works with PS2 and PS4 tamper evident seals. Each of these seals is numbered meaning an audit trail can be made using the seal numbers, the dates the bag has been opened and the name of the person who has opened it.

A plastic window on the outside means information such as the department the bag is from can be displayed. Equally coloured pieces of card can also be used if working as part of a colour coded system.

This bag is an overall cost effective and environmentally choice compared to single use bags.



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