Pre-Inked Personalised Stamps

 Expedite paperwork and convey personalized messages, warnings and more with Pre-inked Stamps from HCL!

  • High quality, preinked stamps can be made with virtually any text, graphic, signature or logo to display important product information, warnings, department names, facility name, reorder information and more.
  • 600 DPI resolution
  • Stamps work on coated and uncoated paper.
  • Preinked to give a sharp, dry and crisp image every time.
  • Stamps are reinkable. With proper reinking, stamps last up to 50,000 impressions.
  • Made of durable rubber.
  • Microporous control gives the same amount of ink transfer each time the stamp is used.
  • Black, Green, Blue and Red ink colors are available.
  • Pick-A-Symbol or border for no extra charge.
  • Short lead time! Stamp will ship in five working days from approval of layout.
  • Special artwork designs and logos will not have an additional fee if camera-ready, high-resolution artwork is provided.

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